In Relationships, We Need “Sprinkles” On Top And Not Just The Ice Cream!

“…you can’t make a woman completely happy without the sprinkles on top.

What are sprinkles? Basically, all the small things that really mean the world to us. Men only think we’re too much because they are thinking too much. We, women, just like to know that you are thinking of us 24/7 like we are thinking of you 24/7.”

Recently, HBO’s Insecure actress, the hilarious Amanda Seales, posted a video on her new YouTube series, Gem Droppin’, about the difference between Attention and Affection. I agreed with her completely and decided to expound on the topic with an analogy I thought of months ago when trying to explain to my boyfriend what women really want.

I’ve Been That Girl: That Let Him Back In

I knew that last time wasn’t going to be the last time because although I should have been done with him, my loneliness whispered to me every night, “try one more time.”

High-Functioning Depression Is Real: How This Multi-Business Owner Didn’t Let It Stop Her

“I struggled with debilitating depression and anxiety. My façade has always been of a bright, driven, glass half-full, force to be reckoned with. However, for a long time that was just half of my story. There was also a Leah that was dejected, worn-down, overwhelmed, and afraid that the horrible thoughts that had haunted her since childhood about not ever measuring up to be enough or deserving of any happiness, might be true.”

Read how one woman battled high functioning depression and anxiety for just about her entire life up until 3 years ago when she figured out how to finally piece her life together like never before.

How This Domestic Abuse Survivor Salsa Danced Her Way To Healing

“Learning to dance Salsa gave me my life back. It helped me establish confidence, provided me with purpose, and allowed me to re-establish trust for the opposite sex again.”

Read more about dancer, Latisha Hardy, and how the art of Salsa dancing helped her to overcome her painful past and open a dance studio geared towards empowering other individuals.

How This Foodie Turned Her Passion For Food And Her Hometown Into A “Tasty” Business

“I always share where I am and what I’m eating. I basically found a way to monetize my passion in a way that I was familiar with.”

I’ve Been That Girl’s #EWEW Empowered Women Entrepreneurs Week continues on!
Read how this Memphian, Cristina McCarter, is showcasing her city in a new light by using her passion for food, her city and local restaurants to bring positivity to a city that is mostly only known for Elvis, BBQ and high crime rates.

Daughter Of A Schizophrenic Mom & Alcoholic Father, This Writer Beat All Odds And Became A Published Author

“Since I was 9, I’ve never accepted myself and as I grew older, it became much worse. I’ve tried to be like other females and take on their characteristics because I didn’t love myself enough to be me. I would jump from relationship to relationship with guys hoping that they would give me the love I’ve been wanting for myself and from my parents. Growing up in a household with a schizophrenic mother and alcoholic father, I was never taught that I was good enough and that I was loved.”

Read how author Jennifer Harris fought to overcome her childhood and feelings of low self worth and become the author of her published book, “Journey to Love.”

I Thought I Really Loved Myself. How I Discovered TRUE Self Love At Age 29.

“Think about it; would you want to be alone in a room with someone you despise? No, right?

That’s why I never wanted to be alone. I despised myself. I was always made fun of for who I was so of course, I learned to hate myself. I felt a relationship would prove to everyone and myself that I was lovable. I felt it validated me; even if it was a toxic relationship. It was something. I felt being with someone made me forget about the person I hated, me.”

Read how I stopped lying to myself that I loved me for years and discovered TRUE self love.

All Women Are Crazy Because…

We are not afraid to love hard. When we love, we organically love hard. We couldn’t “half ass” love even if we tried. When we love someone, we work to understand them instead of giving them a judgemental title that doesn’t do them justice. We think of you and your well-being 24/7. So yes, we…