His female best friend


“I DONT believe in opposite sex friends” or “I’M your only female best friend” are things I used to always say and really stand behind; my guy could not have a female friend…at all!

Why do us, women often feel this way?Is it jealousy or insecurity? Maybe it’s the guy that can’t be trusted. Maybe it’s a history of having a man tell you that a female was “just his friend” then later leaving you and running off to be with his “friend.”



That doesn’t have to be the case all the time. It’s never about the kind of woman his friend is but about the kind of man HE is. If he is trustworthy, there shouldn’t be a problem.

I used to have a problem with opposite sex friends and that’s only because I had jackasses that couldn’t be trusted as boyfriends. I have been in a happy relationship with my current boyfriend and I love his female best friend!

Here are a few ways to know you can trust him having a female best friend:

1. You have met her and actually all hung out.

Here we all are taking shots together! From (left to right: My lil sis, my boyfriend’s best friend, me, and my boyfriend.)

2. He doesn’t cancel plans with you or stop what he is doing to be at her beck and call.

3. She doesn’t show signs of jealousy towards you and the relationship

4. He is a trustworthy guy that has shown and proven to you that he is.

Yes, I was a bit apprehensive at first about his female best friend but he has shown me that I can actually trust him. I never used to trust opposite sex relationships because none of my exes actually had female as friends; they had actual side chicks and exes they were still seeing. I’ve never seen a healthy opposite sex freiendship so I had a hard time trusting it.

All in all, I now realize that it’s all about the type of man you are dating and has nothing to do with the female friend. You have to ask yourself, “is HE trustworthy?” At the end of the day, it’s his choice to honor the relationship and keep his female friend as just that, a female friend.

What are you’re experiences with a guy’s female friend? Could you have a man that has a female best friend? Why or why not?

comment below!

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