I’ve Been That Girl: “The Ride or Die Chick”


I remember waiting for an ex for TWO whole years to get out of jail. The prison facility he was in was 5 hours away from me. I would drive there and back in one day just to visit with him for a couple hours. I would do this every two months or so. I was the chick putting money on his books, sending him cards and photos in the mail, delivering messages to his outside friends and family, you name it.


Rewind back to years before, when I first met him and fell in love with just the sight of him! Lol! I loved the way he look and never paid attention to his character much. Then come to find out, he thought I was cute too! Little ol’ insecure, shy, never had a cute guy like me, young and not knowing any better self ate it up! Finally, a good looking guy liked me too! But he had a girlfriend/baby mama. I had a boyfriend at the time too. So oh well…for now.

A few years after that, he inboxed me wanting to take me out. We kept in touch off and on through mutual friends throughout the years. I was soon to be out of my current relationship, and he was seemingly out of his, so I jumped at the chance!

Fast forward a year or so later
to right before his jail sentence and I was ready to be the “down chick” to earn his trust so he would get out after he finished his two year bid and see I stayed down and loyal the whole time, and then eventually marry me. He promised he would throughout the sentence and I believed him. I stayed celibate the whole two years and didn’t even think of dating another man. He got out and did the exact opposite of settling down with me and hurt me to the core! I can’t even begin to tell you the hurt, pain and drama I went through because I would be typing on this post all day. It almost felt like I was catfished, only I had actually known him beforehand. Talk about betrayal!


Moral of the story, ride or die chicks are not respected. They are just viewed as dumb and as someone that can be taken advantage of. Love hard but don’t be stupid. He should be proving hisself to you as well.

I’ve BEEN that girl. If you have too, you’re not alone. If you’re going through something similar and are having doubts, listen to your gut intuition because it won’t lie to you.

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