How your “type” is keeping you single


Tall, drop dead fine, a nice car, his own place, tattoos would be nice, nice dresser etc. I liked those pretty boys with some hood in them. That was my type. That was also my downfall too. I couldn’t figure out where the hell I was going wrong either! Even when I let go of those bad guys and moved on, I still suffered dissapoontment after disappointment when the fine guys I chose, didn’t choose me in return.


For a minute, I said, “F**k love!” I was tired of dating to death. So, I started doing me. I started going places by myself, since guys would always cancel on me, I did a little traveling…just started enjoying live by myself.

Then, I meet this man. He is shorter than I like and a bit nerdier than I like.

At this point in my life though, I’m pretty free spirited and just figured, why not go on a date? If I don’t like him, I don’t have to see him again.

He sets up a date the same week we met. Phone conversation was surprisingly good so I’m looking forward to our date.

He didn’t have a car and still lived with relatives.

I almost told myself, “never mind” but kept telling myself, “it’s just one date.” I picked him up and we go out for drinks and bar food. We went Dutch too. Conversation was good and he was respectful. He pulled my chair out AND actually waited for me to sit down.


I felt kind of weird by it because I was NOT used to that. As we were leaving, he carried my to-go container for me too…without me asking or anything. I like him, but I’m still not sure.

Later that week, he sets up TWO other dates to see me later that week. What!? Consistency!? That’s something I definitely was not used too!

Long story short, we are still together and it will be two years in November.


Moral of the story, drop those “types.” The guy for you will be someone you least expect. Physical qualities and material possessions do NOT make a man, a man. He didn’t have a car when I met him but he does now. When it was just my car, he made sure EVERYTHING on it was always working and always kept gas in it. The type of job he has is not as important as him being an actual hard worker. What matters is the kind of man he is. His characteristics. His mannerisms. His morals. If you guys lost everything, will he  go get any job he can find or will he let his pride takeover and sit at home till a good-paying job comes along?  Is he transparent and honest or does he hide and lie about who he really is?  That’s what’s important. That’s what makes a husband/boyfriend you’re best friend. That’s how a relationship will last.



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