Why I’m HAPPY for Mary J. Blige and how we could ALL learn from her


By: Kindall D.

If you’ve heard lately about the brutal divorce of Mary J. Blige and her estranged husband, Kendu Isaacs, you may empathize with the 46 year old song bird because divorces are never a walk in the park. I have empathy for her as well but I also am happy for her for many reasons.

Mary J. Blige recently opened up about her emotional divorce from her husband of 12 years to Power 105.1’s Angie Martinez about how she knew something was astray with her marriage long before she actually found out about the cheating.

“I can sense that I’m not what you want anymore,”

Blige stated while talking with Martinez. She then went on to say that he would complain to her about trivial matters such as why she doesn’t cook anymore or wear her hair a certain way.

“You start to realize that this man doesn’t want you and he’s just gone all the time and you’re by yourself in the relationship,” said Blige.

“When you realize you’re by yourself and you’re just suffering through it, now it’s time to do some investigating.”

And investigating is exactly what Ms. Blige did. She also stated during the interview with Martinez that the truth revealed itself and that she didn’t have to investigate that deeply.

That interview was done on March 30, 2017. Fast forward to now and it is rumored that her husband was cheating with Mary’s protégé, Starshell, whom Mary had signed to her label and assisted her with furthering her career.

Left to right: Starshell, Kendu Isaacs and Mary, herself.

It has also been rumored that Mr. Isaacs spent $420,000 on the new starlet which he denies stating it was for travel purposes.



If you’re familiar with Mary’s past, then you know that she isn’t new to pain and drama in her relationships and personal life. Throughout the years, she released albums signaling her newfound growth and healing like 2009’s release titled, Stronger with Each Tear and before that, 2005’s Grammy-winning, The Breakthrough. 

Later, it was apparent that Blige had fully healed from her troubled past and then became something she never thought she would become-a wife! It seemed she had finally found a good man in Kendu Isaacs. She would often swoon at how he loved her in spite of her past and accepted her flaws and all.

But he ended up being a true asshole.

I’m happy for Mary because she felt something wasn’t right and took action on it instead of staying and accepting his behavior.

I loved that she called him out on his bullshit! She didn’t hesitate filing for divorce either. You go Mary!


Your growth is a beautiful thing but just know, IT WILL BE TESTED!

Even after you move on from the past and fall in love with a good man, you still have to remember your growth and know when to leave toxic situations. Some may be fearful of entering a new relationship due to being scared of getting hurt again. Just know that if you fully grow, you can overcome ANYTHING. Not saying it won’t hurt if you’re betrayed and done wrong again but at least you will know that if you got over it before, you can do it again.

Once you’ve gained your strength, it will never leave you. Mary has proven that.

She knew something wasn’t right and she immediately checked it and did what she had to do instead of suffering through more unnecessary pain. She has learned how to walk away.

I’m happy for Mary. I know she loved him and probably never thought he would do this to her yet she still forgot about those loving feelings, and remembered what she deserved.

That’s REAL growth.

How many of us would have stayed and accepted his excuse of an apology only to later be hurt deeper. How many of us would have went after the other woman instead of checking our mate? I know the old me would have probably done both.

Well wishes to Mary J. I know she will heal from this too. Her evident growth has proven that.

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