I’ve Been That Girl: The One That Takes him back


He promises to change and promises that he really loves you. You take him back then and everything is good for a week, then it’s back to the same ol’ BS!

I’ll tell you a time that I took an ex back and I tried to keep it a secret because I didn’t want to look stupid.

One day, my sister calls me over to come by on my lunch break since I’m right up the street. Usually, when she wants to tell me something, she just texts me. This day, it was important that I talk to her in person she said. So, I go over there on my break and what she shows me is unbelievable.

She shows me a photo that my boyfriend at the time had sent her and it was a picture of his penis.

I was embarrassed and confused. He had really meant to send that text to ANOTHER girl he was cheating on me with that happened to have a similar name to my sisters. I knew about the other girl too but thought he was done with her. I didn’t blame my sister and just was quiet about the whole thing because I felt low and stupid.


He of course went off saying he could send whatever he want to whoever he want.
He didn’t seem to care that he had hurt my sister and I. I didn’t talk to him for awhile.

Suddenly, he came back acting like he was sorry and wanted to try again–I took him back but didn’t tell anyone.

He was good to me for like a week before things went south again. My sister eventually found out through a mutual friend and was upset at me. She couldn’t believe it.

“He only loves the way you love him and that’s it.”

Moral of the story, do not take a man like this back. He doesn’t love you. He just loves how stupid you are for him and he knows you will do anything he asks. Once you take that attention away from him, he will stop trying to get back with you and move on to his next victim. You’re not that important to a man like this at all. Starve his ego by avoiding him and he will act like he never knew you. Men like this only like the attention and the control they have over you. He only loves the way you love him and that’s it. He is selfish and will just rob you of all you got to give and leave when you run empty.

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