I’ve Been That Girl: Like Tomeeka “Tiny” Harris

“We, women, sometimes seem to have a problem with accepting a man for who he really is. We will go with how we feel instead and almost force a man to love us the way we feel we should be loved. I feel like Tiny is being the same way. How a man is in the beginning of a relationship is the SAME way he is going to be throughout the relationship. You can not change a man. Not even marriage can change him.”

An “at least” type of man is still not a good man

It grinds my gears hearing some women compare their man to another no good man. For example, if your ex cheated on you and now your current man is NOT cheating on you but he IS talking to you crazy and verbally abusing you, don’t go around saying, “well at least he isn’t cheating on…

Can you “love TOO hard” or is there no limit?

I used to think I loved too hard. I would jump through hoops and give my all to every man I was in a relationship with. I would end up with my heart broken in the end. I would then blame it on me “loving too hard.” I’ve forgiven men that cheated on me, I’ve…

I’ve been that girl: not knowing how to let a GOOD man love me

I had to learn how to accept love instead of just giving it. It was a struggle getting used to a man actually treating me right and wanting to be there for me. I had to undo everything I thought I knew about love because only giving of yourself freely to someone, is not love.

Relationships should have FREEDOM not restrictions!

I’ve been that girl that used to think that relationships HAD to have restrictions in order to work. I would accept a man controlling me because I thought that was how relationships were supposed to go. “…A relationship is like that. Held loosely, with respect and freedom for the other person, it is likely to…