“My life is not going as planned!” How to love the life you have.


I can remember discussing with my best friend in 7th grade how we wanted our lives to go when we got older. I wanted a husband and child by 30 and she wanted a husband and child by 25. My best friend indeed got married by 25 and welcomed her first son to the world before she hit 25 too. She is now about to have her third child. Me? I’m 31, no kids and no husband. I have a great boyfriend that I met a few months before my 30th birthday so getting married by 30 was a dream that had withered away in the sun like a prune right along with the child I dreamed of having by now. LIFE!


It’s so crazy to me how we really think our life should go as WE planned and according to our rules. There is no sure way to guarantee we will get everything we want out of life. But is that really such a bad thing? What if the things we want do not fit with each other and will just make our life worse off? God somehow knows that and it’s a good thing He does.

At 31, I can’t tell you how HAPPY I am that I don’t have kids yet!

I love kids don’t get me wrong but honestly, if I never have any, I will be okay with that! My sister has 4 kids and my best friend has 2, soon to be 3. I’ve watched how their lives have changed so much throughout the years. I’m just now getting to enjoying my life and I feel like children would have greatly put a damper on that. It may sound selfish but that’s just it–I am selfish right now with my life! Being a mother is one of the most selfless things in life next to being a wife. Yes, I wanted those things but that was before I truly knew what it took to actually have those things.

I found out at 29 that I love to travel and that I want a good man that loves new adventures like me. I found him at 29 and we’ve been enjoying going new places together every since. From discovering and eating at new local restaurants to flying to different U.S. we’ve never visited.

Last year when we visited LA, California. (Long Beach, CA is pictured)

I’m also not doing the type of career I thought I would be doing upon graduating college in 2014. I got my degree in Human Services and did an internship with a local non-profit organization and thought for sure my career was set once I graduated. I graduated and applied to numerous social services jobs and all of them told me “no.” Eventually, I got a decent paying job in an AT&T call center. It’s not my dream job at all and I was a little disappointed at first BUT it ended up being perfect for me. I make enough money AND have enough free time to work on my blog. I eventually want to be an entrepreneur and since my job is not so demanding, like a social work career in my field would have been, I have plenty of free time and paid vacation time to still have a life and do what I’m passionate about.

It seems all along that my inner soul was trying to tell me what it needed, but I just refused to listen because I wanted what I wanted.

I remember I used to look at my best friend’s life and how she had a good husband and children.


I loved how settled into her life she seemed and I wanted that too. Now, I realize that THAT life is perfect for her but would not of been so perfect for me right now.

“You have to lose your ego to get what your soul really needs.”

We are forever evolving and changing as life changes. Instead of being frustrated that your life is not going how you want, stop and take a moment to hone in to how it is playing out and look for new ways to make it work for you. It could be that you’re not following your passions as you should when life has probably made room for you just to fulfill those passions but you’re just choosing not to due you’re focusing on what should have been.

The life that’s waiting for you is far more better than the life you have planned. When everything seems to be going wrong, stop and take a breather and tune into your heart, mind, body and soul. Listen to each closely and it will tell you what you really need. You have to lose your ego to get what your soul really needs.


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