I’ve Been That Girl: The Online Dater


Some may call it desperate or call it messing with destiny but online dating is slowly taking over. With apps like Tinder and websites like Match.com, there are many ways to connect to a complete stranger in hopes of him being “the one.”

I’ve been one of those “desperate” women looking for love online. I had had enough of getting my heart broken by my “type” of guys I kept falling for and was ready for something different. I was having no luck meeting guys in the real world so I decided why not download the Tinder app? I had heard about here and there and decided to see what it was all about.

I download the app and set up my profile which links with your Facebook account. I use my best selfies and complete the about me section. I then get to swiping.

Basically, how it works is that Tinder uses your location to find people around you and you then have your pick of who you want to possibly connect with. If you like them, swipe right, if you don’t, swipe left.


It was pretty flattering to find some of the guys I had swiped right on, had swiped right on me too. So, that means they basically found me interesting and attractive enough to connect with.


It can be somewhat weird too because you will see some people that you actually know on there. I saw some of my co-workers but never mentioned it to them–too awkward.

So I connect with a few and once you do that, you chat on the app’s messenger. I actually meet a few decent guys. Some never made it past the messenging phase but that’s why you have the delete and block button on there for. Only about 3 made it to the “phone number phase.” Some of the guys were just looking for a hookup.


That’s to be expected but you can easily decline and block them.

So, I actually go out with a few and like them. Two of them never made it past the first date which was fine with me. One, I went out with once, talked everyday, twice a day with but never made it to a second date. He later, after a month, decided he didn’t want to continue to lead me on and called things off abruptly. I was crushed and deleted the app and everything.


After about a month or so getting over that disappointment, I downloaded the app and decided to give it another try. This time, I didn’t put all my eggs in one basket and talked with several guys at once. I ended up meeting a guy and we actually made it to THREE dates and made us official a month later. That’s when we called things off with the other people we each were talking with and deleted the app. We’ve been together over a year now. So, you can really find love on Tinder or any other dating site for that matter.

Online dating is perfect for those that hardly ever go out, like myself. Chances are, you’re not going to meet your future mate wandering around in a grocery store. I doubt if it’s going to be the pizza delivery guy either. The guys I met on Tinder, I had never seen them before in my life and they all lived within 15 minutes from me.

My boyfriend that I met on Tinder actually lived 5 minutes away from me for about a year before he moved away.

We even went to the same grocery store during the same time at night too. And get this, he even ended up knowing my sister’s baby father because they had once worked together years ago and became pretty cool with each other then. Small world. That just goes to show you that you that Mr. Right could be right under your nose and you wouldn’t even realize it.

One thing I enjoyed with dating online is being able to pick and choose whoever I wanted. It’s almost like I was on The Bachelor. I was, for once, in control of who I wanted to continue things with and who I didn’t. Some, I would cut off at the messaging phase and keep it going. It felt good dismissing the bad ones before they had a real chance to waste my time.

Try not to go in with many expectations. Just have fun with it.

Try not to critique online dating profiles too much either. My boyfriend that I met on there only had a few pictures and had NOTHING writtten on his profile! He had previously “super liked” me when I came across his Tinder profile and I ALMOST swiped him left because of it but decided, “what’s the worse that could happen?” He didn’t look too bad, had a nice beard and he had already “super liked” me so I didn’t see a REAL reason to not give him a chance. I’m so glad that I didn’t swipe left.

Do not let all the bad rap Tinder and other online dating services get persuade you in to not try it. Just like with anything else, it is what YOU make it. Do not let others opinions of you being desperate

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  1. astoldbymua says:

    I like the last part “it’s what you make it” . I completely agree.

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  2. KindallD. says:

    Thank you and thanks for reading!


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