I should’ve walked away when: “He tried to hook up with one of my friends”


Love can make you so blind, delusional and dumb. I thought I was so in love once that I still kept talking to a man even after my friend told me that he had tried to hook up with her–while at my birthday party at my house! Talk about dumb. He tried to slip her his number when everyone was leaving my house party. I didn’t know until the next day when she called to tell me the news. I remember I cried and broke down but still eventually ended up talking to him a few weeks afterwards.

I made excuses as to why he did it. I blamed it on the alcohol, blamed it on my friend acting too wild at the party…anything. I made up any excuse I could think of just to justify me still wanting to be with him. I was that stupid.

This was the same guy that I was a side chick too and waited for while he was in prison. I thought I was that in love and even thought he would change.

My friend ended up being upset that I continued to talk to him afterwards. She thought I didn’t believe her. I did. I just didn’t care. I wanted him and he knew that. I had set that tone already in his head that I was stupid and would do anything for him no matter what he did.

Looking back, I can’t ever imagine talking to a man like that. In my head I thought he was just so fine to me that I had to him and whatever other bullshit that came with him. I had to be dumb in order to grow. I had to get my heart broken a million times until I got the picture.

Have you ever had anything happen to you in the early stages of a relationship that made you realize you should walk away, but you stayed anyway?

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  1. astoldbymua says:

    Girl no way! Ugh ugh. I would have kicked his ass to the curb. But I mean I’m done pretty dumb stuff myself and stayed with a guy I knew damn well was a hot ass mess. It happens. But you learn from it. It’s all about knowing your worth and knowing you deserve better.

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  2. I’m glad you realized your worth! When you’re young you’re so infatuated with being in love you are willing to do anything! It takes a few heart breaks for us women to realize what we deserve!

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  3. KindallD. says:

    Yes ma’am it sure does!! I sometimes look back like, “what was I thinking!?” My life is totally different now lol! I just want other women going through things to know that it really does get better!


  4. KindallD. says:

    Girl I don’t know what I was thinking! I was in such denial!!!!

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