You know you’re ready for love when…


Of course we all want love…but how many of us are truly ready for it? The truth is, you can’t ever really prepare for it. You just have to be ready to give it.

You know you’re ready for love when…You’re not just craving it and wanting it.

Sounds crazy but let me explain.

If you’re more concerned with BEING loved instead of being ready to give it or concerned with just FINDING someone to love you, you’re not ready. Love is not meant to fill a void in you. You’re happiness and love towards yourself is not dependent on someone else doing it for you. It may sound cliché but you do have to love yourself first like I explained in“Love yourself first” is more than just a cliché phrase. Love is a selfless thing, not a selfish thing. You’re ready for love when you feel you’re ready to GIVE IT.

You know you’re ready for love when…You don’t care so much about when you will find someone.

I’m not talking about faking like you don’t care either. I mean literally enjoying your life for what it is and not really looking for love. It’s when you let go when you’re most ready to accept and receive love. That’s what the saying, “love happens when you least expect it” really means. When you’re open, you’re opening up your heart and opening up your mind. Gone are the days when you have this set list of wants and standards. Not saying to get rid of your standards all together but you’ve saved that list for more important things like his characteristics vs his possessions and status. Being open is the only way to prepare for love. That guy of your dreams will be who you least expect because you won’t see him coming.

You get to point where you just give up on relationships that it naturally gives you a free spirit with just enough organic space between you and any potential man so that he can actually date and pursue you, sweeping you right off of your feet.

I was once that girl craving and chasing after men that I really wanted to love me. I was that girl waiting by the phone for his call or text. I was that girl accepting anything and putting the name “love” on it just to say I had a man. It really doesn’t work that way. You can’t force love. You can’t make someone love you and you can’t force a relationship on anyone.

I knew I was ready for love when…

I just didn’t care anymore and opened myself up to different types of men instead of the same cookie-cutter men that I always sought after. I remembered I just started giving any seemingly good guy a chance, even if I didn’t have any initial “sparks” or butterflies. I started giving men an actual chance to pursue me. Have you ever seen a man fall in love based on how hard a woman chased and pursued him? If he doesn’t ever notice you or try to pursue you, let it go. You’ll just end up spending all your time trying to prove to him how good of a woman you are.

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