Can you “love TOO hard” or is there no limit?


I used to think I loved too hard. I would jump through hoops and give my all to every man I was in a relationship with. I would end up with my heart broken in the end. I would then blame it on me “loving too hard.” I’ve forgiven men that cheated on me, I’ve stayed down during jail sentences, I’ve cooked and cleaned…etc. You could say I’ve loved too hard but I’ve just done all the things a good woman should supposedly do for the man she claims to love. I’ve just never had that same love reciprocated, until now.

In my current relationship, I’m doing all the things I’ve done before in previous relationships (except, of course, dealing with the cheating and jail sentences). I’ve always went over and beyond to show my love because that’s just what a GOOD woman does. It’s just that now, I’m with someone that actually appreciates it. He loves just as hard as I do. He organically reciprocates the love I give because we just “work.”

I’ve never once had to stop and think if I was “loving too hard.” In fact, it hasn’t even crossed my mind since being in this relationship for over a year now. I had forgotten all about loving too hard and didn’t recall it until I overheard some coworkers of mine discussing it the other day. In reality, I personally feel you can never love too hard.

Maybe you can love the wrong person too hard, but I feel love shouldn’t have any limits because then it wouldn’t be unconditional.

It feels good to be able to be myself and not have to put limits and restrictions on the love that I have to give. Put limits on the type of people you let in, not the love and care you have to give them.

What are your thoughts?

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