I’ve Been That Girl: “The Crazy Chick”

Only a man can make a woman a killer!

No, I’ve never killed anyone.
But I have been the crazy one going through a man’s phone, popping up at his place, hacking into his voicemail, hacking into his Facebook account and messaging the chick he was cheating with, getting the other chick’s number and calling her, spoofing my number to act like I was her, driving by her house to see if he was there etc!

They say nobody can make you insecure but I feel a man that is obviously cheating on you, can.

Both of my last two exes cheated on me and I was the crazy chick with both. I had to realize that I was picking the wrong guys if the same exact thing kept happening. I knew deep down that I was NOT this crazy, insecure chick!

I had to ask myself, “so why am I settling for men that only bring out my crazy side?”


True, I had my reasons to why I was crazy but it doesn’t make it any better. I would try and be discreet about all the things I mentioned above because I didn’t want to show how crazy I was. I was always hellbent on trying to prove that they were cheating on me just to end up staying after he apologized.

Moral of the story,

If you have to go through all of this, he isn’t worth it. It is not worth your sanity and peace. If he is a consistent cheater, he won’t change…ever! There are good men out there that won’t ever put you through all of this, you just have to pick them and not overlook them. You don’t have to be the crazy chick.


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  1. astoldbymua says:

    I know all about being the crazy chick trust me. Liking the girls instagram photo of him and putting the heart eye emoji (😍). Love and anger can do crazy things to you.

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  2. Kindall D. says:

    Yeah, I’ve done some facebook and IG stalking too! 😂


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