I’ve been that girl: that’s slept in my makeup while dating


My skin has always been problematic for me. Since 7th grade, I’ve had acne. Throw in eczema since I was a toddler and that makes for a bunch of bullying growing up. I was always chubby too so that made it no better. Fast forward to my high school days and finally, I had discovered makeup and was old enough to wear it without my mama having a fit! I loved it and loved how it boosted my self esteem. It made me feel good about myself so it’s such a shame that some will makeup shame women who really feel they can’t be without makeup. Even men have makeup shamed women without even realizing the real reasons behind a woman wearing it.

Every time I started dating someone new, I ran into the fear of what he would think of me without makeup.

I would literally sleep in my makeup for like the first full month. Slowly, my guard would come down and I would not feel as nervous about showing my bare skin. One ex questioned why I wore makeup. He even went on to say that when I get with the next guy, to not wear “all that makeup” because men don’t like that. Asshole.


One thing I realize now is that the men that rant about not wanting a woman that wears makeup or complaining that women should only show their bare face and be natural, are a bit selfish and misogynistic in my opinion.

Newsflash to men: It’s not always about you!

We wear makeup for our own reasons. If a man can’t accept a woman that wears makeup, then he for surely can’t accept a woman that has skin issues. They seem to be stuck in this world where all women have perfect ass skin and shouldn’t be wearing makeup or that women are only here for them to look at and forget about a woman actually doing whatever it is she likes to do.  Please.


Men that have a problem with women who wear makeup are not really ready to accept a woman for who she really is.

He should be able accept that a woman actually likes makeup because it makes HER feel good.

Besides, most men can hardly tell what’s really makeup and what’s really not because lots of women have mastered how to make makeup look natural. Why in the hell should it matter to a man what a woman decides to put on her face anyway? He should really be more concerned with how a woman looks like on the inside anyway. No pun intended. (Get your mind out the gutter.)

Real men actually know that makeup is only an enhancement and will be able to accept her for who she truly is; a woman that has blemishes but loves makeup too. They understand that she isn’t perfect and are able to let her do whatever she feels she needs to do in order to be happy and confident with herself. That’s a real man in my opinion.

I used to be so worried that no man would accept my not so perfect skin and my love for makeup. I then realized that being worried about what men like and don’t like was not necessary for me to worry about because I would never be with a man that couldn’t accept me for who I am. Every woman should be free to do what they feel they need to do to in order to feel beautiful.

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