An “at least” type of man is still not a good man


It grinds my gears hearing some women compare their man to another no good man. For example, if your ex cheated on you and now your current man is NOT cheating on you but he IS talking to you crazy and verbally abusing you, don’t go around saying, “well at least he isn’t cheating on me” like being verbally abused is any better!

This is considered an “at least” type of man. That man that’s not really that good but he isn’t as bad as your ex.

It’s like comparing apples to…apples!


I know about this all too well because I WAS that girl. I would move on to a seemingly better man and tell myself he is better because he isn’t exactly AS bad as my ex. But he was STILL a bad man though!

If you find yourself always comparing your relationship to other dysfunctional relationships, it means you’re constantly trying to prove to yourself that it’s okay for you to stay in a relationship that you know really isn’t any good. If you have to make up excuses for your relationship or your man, who are you really trying to prove something to?

I was in one bad relationship after the next and every time, I made up tired excuses as to why I was choosing to stay in each.

I was trying to fool myself. I was trying to prove to myself that I had grown and was over dating bad men. I was trying to prove to myself that I was capable of being in a good relationship. All of this proving was tiresome! All this lying to myself and others was so draining. I would fight for each bad relationship like they were really worth fighting for.

Being in a good relationship with a good man will not need to be proven to anyone; not even to yourself.

You won’t find yourself doing comparisons with other toxic ass men from your past; he won’t even compare to them at all! I know it’s tough to walk away from something you think will improve but let’s be real, you’re wasting your precious time. Move on from that “at least” type of man.

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