I’ve Been That Girl: Focused Only On His Potential

“He had mistakenly sent me the conversation between him and Breshawn. Of course, when I asked about it, he had the perfect excuse explaining that she was his ex that wanted to get back with him since she was now getting a divorce. However, what he was telling me was not matching up with what the emails said.”

Nikki shares how she let her hard love for a man and his potential cloud her judgment causing her a life altering heartbreak. She shares her deep pains in hopes that it will caution other women to not get too caught up in just a man’s potential.

4 Valuable Dating Lessons My Father Taught Me

By: Kindall D. My father taught me about dating in more ways than 1. He taught me some things directly and some indirectly. My father was not perfect and like any other man, made his own mistakes. I learned some very valuable lessons in love and dating along the way from me either listening to…

Why Loving A GOOD Man Can Be Hard

By: Kindall D. Loving a good man can be difficult at times. Yes, I said that correctly. A good man will not let you love him too hard, although you will want to because you appreciate him so much. “You’re so used to being a good woman to the wrong man and doing EVERYTHING in…

Don’t Settle, You’re NOT Asking For Too Much

Don’t give up on finding Mr. Right. You do not have to apologize by lowering your standards and settling on Mr. Right Now.

“Don’t settle for a man that’s afraid to tell you and show you how he really feels. Quit making excuses for him by thinking that men are incapable of expressing how they feel…If a man is crazy about you and actually cares, he will come out of his comfort zone and show and tell you how he truly feels about you. You’re not asking for too much by wanting a man that’s not afraid to show the world how much you really mean to him.”

I’ve Been That Girl: Dating For Looks Only

By: Kindall D. I always had a type. I had the perfect looking guy mapped out in my head. He had to be at least 6’0 and dress nicely. He had to be of a thicker build. Tattoos were always a plus. Muscles were also a plus too. He had to basically look like a…

I’ve Been That Girl: Believing That ALL Men Cheat

New York based relationship expert and upscale dating site Platinum Poire co-founder Rori Sassoon says, “…They always need to be flexing that muscle that makes them feel good in that people want them. That’s really not a good person and they’re going to cheat anyway.”