I’ve Been That Girl: Believing That ALL Men Cheat


By: Kindall D.

“Men are just wired to cheat!”

“All men cheat!”

“Men just can’t keep their dicks in their pants!”

“All men are dogs!”

“No man is faithful!”

If you have ever said any of the mentioned phrases above or anything close to them, then chances are, you have only been in relationships where your man has cheated on you. I’ve been there too. My last two exes cheated on me numerous times.

I became so discouraged afterwards feeling like it was impossible to ever find a good man that believed in being faithful. Little did I realize, I was part of the problem; I was only picking men that cheat.

I was also very vulnerable with low self esteem and self worth which was probably how I was only attracting men that cheat. Yes, you can actually attract certain types of men by how you carry yourself. Men are hunters. They know what to look for in a woman to get exactly what it is they want regardless of what that may be. If he’s looking for a wife, they will look for a woman that carries herself with confidence. They will look for a woman that’s able to be presented to their parents. If he’s looking for a woman that he can easily run game on, he will look for a woman that’s not so confident. He will look for a woman that he knows will believe anything he tells her making it that much easier for him to cheat on her when he’s ready to.


All men do NOT cheat. There are too many successful marriages and relationships out there. Quit believing that you will have to just settle for a man that is going to cheat. Get that thought out of your head.

Only the men you like are the cheating type.

I noticed a trend in my exes, who both were cheaters. Both were very insecure and had “mommy issues” growing up. Neither one had a very good upbringing and never received the love and support they needed from their mother.

If a young boy grows up never receiving the proper validation and love from his mother, he grows up insecure and always feels the need to make ALL women want him. This type of man will never be satisfied with just one woman. He may try to settle down with one woman but will cheat as soon as he feels insecure about the woman he is with. This type of man could care less about your feelings and only cares that his “itch” is scratched. He has to feel like a man some way so cheating with multiple women is his way of scratching that little insecure “itch.”

New York based relationship expert and upscale dating site Platinum Poire co-founder Rori Sassoon says, “…They always need to be flexing that muscle that makes them feel good in that people want them. That’s really not a good person and they’re going to cheat anyway.”

Once I changed the type of men I picked and got my self esteem up, I started having better luck with men.

With my self esteem being high, I wasn’t just looking for a man that looked good. I wasn’t just looking for a man to tell me what I wanted to hear. You have to have that “I refuse to accept bullshit” type of mindset and to have that, you must be “one” with yourself and know who you are. You have to know what you deserve so that if any man comes at you offering you less than what you deserve, you can tell him to get the hell on and get back to being fabulous by yourself. Being alone is the best way to really discover who you are anyway.


Not all men cheat. Only women that have never been in a healthy relationship think all men cheat. I was that girl too. I was that girl refusing to check myself on the type of men I was dating. Good men are out there, trust me. You just have to be ready for him. Remember, not all men cheat; just the ones you choose do.

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