Moving On From Toxic Men: Be Like Kenya Moore And “Twirl On!”


By: Kindall D.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore shows us how to really “twirl on” by really moving on from her toxic relationship with ex-boyfriend, Matt Jordon, to marrying the love of her life. Moore recently held a private beach ceremony in St. Lucia with very few people in attendance. She has not yet disclosed exactly who the mystery man is but she states he is a “businessman.” They reportedly met a year ago but did not speak again until last December.


Kenya has often been criticized for having “fake relationships” on the RHOA Bravo series just to have a storyline but Moore refuses to have her new hubby appear on the show and does not want any of her wedding ceremony photos to appear on the show either.


“This man is the love of my life and I’m so happy to begin our lives together as husband and wife,” she gushed to People. “I’m just ecstatic!”

In 2016, Moore publicly and dramatically split with Jordan. If you’re a fan of RHOA, then I’m sure you tuned in to see the real drama unfold and play out on the most recent season. Moore recently wrote in her Bravo blog this past March about ending her tumultuous relationship with Jordan and how she hopes other women take heed to also ending abusive relationships,

“I should have run away as fast as humanly possible. If a man is capable of damaging your property, calling you out of your name, threatening you, tells you that you will die unhappy and alone — but in the same breath begs you to stay with him — RUN. I pray that other women take away that reprehensible behavior from a man is never acceptable. There is no excuse for abuse.”

Not only did Moore’s marriage surprise us all, it also surprised her estranged ex too. He took to Instagram and posted an old photo of the two from RHOA with a very, “seemingly” heartfelt caption.


“Losing my queen is a blow I never want to feel again. Finding out she is married from a stranger online. Realizing it’s to someone she was seeing during your relationship…this is definitely the season of losses for ya boy. TKO!!”

Some argue that he was never actually physically abusive to her but mental abuse is definitely a form of domestic abuse and should not be taken lightly. Earlier this year, Us Weekly confirmed that Moore was granted a temporary restraining order against Jordan after she accused him of calling her “up to 30 times a day between September and February, even after blocking his number.”

“Twirl On!”

We all could stand to learn a very valuable lesson from the Miss Kenya Moore. You may have your preconceived thoughts and opinions about her but domestic abuse is never okay for ANY woman to go through.

Domestic abuse whether it’s verbal, mental or physical, is very real and has happened to many women at least once in their lifetime.

Moore’s ex, Jordan, sounds a lot like one of my exes. He would verbally abuse me and control me and in the next breath tell me how much he loved me and wanted me to stay with him. Men like this love the idea of having you as their woman but are clueless as to how to have a successful relationship with you.

They will control you thinking it’s the right way to conduct a relationship and say any demeaning thing they can to you just to lower your self-worth and make you feel like you’re nothing without them. It’s almost like they view you as a “doll” instead of an actual woman. Anytime you do something that doesn’t go along with their “doll” image of you, they go completely crazy and excuse their behavior as them just loving you so much and wanting you to never leave them.

Ladies, that is not real love. Even if he isn’t physically putting his hands on you, he is still verbally and mentally abusing you and controlling you at the same time.

I love how Kenya had the courage to walk away and end things with her ex. I love even more how she was able to really move on and find a new love with her mysterious new man and now husband. She did not let her past keep her from falling in love again. Some may argue that her marriage is not real but I’d just like to say that once you’ve been through hell and a bunch of bullshit with an ex/exes, it does not take long for you to realize when you have found something better than you’ve ever had before. I can personally attest to that.

Congrats to Kenya Moore and her future with her new husband! I wish her nothing but the best! As for her ex, Matt Jordan, I seriously hopes he handles this loss in a dignified manner and doesn’t do anything too crazy to harm her or himself. I honestly hope he takes this as a lesson learned and truly learns from his mistakes and treats whomever he ends up with next much better. Let’s hope he “twirls on” peacefully.

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