Top 4 Things I Had To Find Out On My Own As A New Entrepreneur


I started out on this challenging journey of entrepreneurship really by mistake. I am the owner and now, Editor-In-Chief of this blog, I’ve Been That Girl.  I started with just a Facebook page this past April thinking that’s all it would ever be until it started to grow by hundreds each week. After sometime, I decided to go ahead purchase this website URL along with the professional email and also started paying for Facebook ad promotions to get the word out to more people. That alone cost me hundreds of dollars but I believed in my dream that much and felt it was worth investing. I am now it over 6,300 likes and follows in just a few months. Investing in my dream with my own money, out of my own pockets, put me on the path to real entrepreneurship and I was definitely not expecting that. It has been a lot of fun fulfilling my passions but also a lot of work! I researched a lot before really putting money into my dream but no one could have told me or prepared me for some of the things I’m now dealing with. Of course, I knew I’d be busier and not have as much free time but some things I could have never fully prepared for mentally by just researching. If you’re considering entrepreneurship, here are a few things that could help you prepare mentally for the challenge.


1. Your BIGGEST Supporters Will NOT Be Your Family And Friends


No need to disown your family and friends for not supporting you the way you feel they should be. Your dream is yours. Not everyone in your family may think as bold as you and that’s okay! For example, most of my close family and friends HATE to read so I don’t necessarily expect them to read every blog post I have. It doesn’t mean they don’t support me or wish the best for me. My younger sister does hair and she supports in anyway she can but if I were selling hair extensions or hair products, she would probably support even more. My older sister has commented on blog posts on the Facebook page and have even shared the page to her timeline but I don’t expect her to be as enthusiastic about it as me. She has her own life she is dealing with but I know she wishes me well. My mother, she has worked the same job and position for over a decade. She doesn’t know anything about the new age entrepreneurs. She doesn’t have a clue how to get online but I know, she wishes me well and wants me to do better than she is. My mother has always stated that since I was a teenager.

“Complete strangers are reaching out to me and supporting me because it is a “service” that they are actually looking for.”

I have complete strangers submitting stories and wanting to collaborate with me and also sending others my way that would be a good fit to collaborate with. I have complete strangers spreading the word of my blog probably more than my own family and friends are. Just be prepared to make a whole new set of friends through all the new networking you will be doing. You will naturally attract entrepreneurs with the same mindset as you.

“You will have a new special bond and relationship with other entrepreneurs simply because you both fully understand the journey you’re both on.”

No hard feelings to your old friends and family members; just a matter of having others that can be of more support because they too are having most of the same struggles as you are now.

It’s okay. I promise your family and friends still love and support you even if they don’t exactly show it the way you would like. You will know how to tell when a friend or family member that supports you quietly is actually happy for you or not.

“Don’t count them out that quickly because once you get to the top, it will be lonely without having your close friends and family around whenever you need a moment to regroup or help to remain grounded.”


2. You Will Be VERY Overwhelmed Trying To Work Your REAL Job And Your Passion At The Same Time


Because let’s be honest, not everyone can just up and quit their jobs nowadays and fully work in their calling. You have a few that “jumped” and took the leap of faith but I’m not one of them that can do that. It sounds so ideal but it’s not a reality for most.

I work as a call center rep for iPhones. When I clock out, I leave that work at work.

“My blog work is 24/7; even when I’m at my regular job. I never turn off fully from my blog work. I’m passionate about it so it doesn’t matter. However, I have to constantly stay focused on my regular job so that I don’t risk my productivity going down and getting fired before I’m ready to leave. It’s a constant struggle trying to juggle the two but it’s worth it.”

Now that I’ve started, I can’t stop until I see it at the level I KNOW it can be at. I do  it plan on working in a call center till I retire. Until I’m actually paid well enough to live off solely the work I do through my blog, I will have to juggle both.

Be prepared for that if you’re working a regular job too. Many never venture into entrepreneurship due to being afraid that they won’t have enough time to really pursue. The thing is, you actually won’t have enough time to do both but your passion will make time for you to work on your dreams. Your passion will have staying up late and getting up early. Your passion will have you working on weekends when you usually go out. It will all be worth it but you won’t ever know what it’s worth unless you actually pursue it.


3. You Will Be Overwhelmed With So Many Different Ideas That You Sometimes Won’t Know Where To Start


Like I stated before, you will be working on your passion 24/7 whether it’s just you thinking of good ideas or actually working on it. I find myself tuning out the tv or music in my car and thinking of some new idea all the time. I’m always thinking of ways to improve it. There really isn’t a “shut off” switch especially when you’re first starting out. You’re always going to be figuring out ways to make it better or ways to reach more people.

I suggest keeping either a note pad or journal or even using the notes app on your phone if you have it. I use a journal and my phone. Sometimes if I’m out and about, I’ll whip out my phone whenever a good idea pops into my head. Other times I will actually get somewhere quiet and write ideas out as they come to me. A notepad or journal will be your best friend; even if you aren’t a writer. Get those goals and ideas written out so you never forget them.


4. You Will Be Scared…Majority Of the Time.


“Scared is almost an understatement; miniature panic attacks is more like it.”

I’ve heard many entrepreneurs express how fearful they get but it’s one thing to hear them say it than to actually feel where they are coming from.

With a dependable job, you pretty much know your outcome and you have job security. You have benefits, paid vacation time and even a 401K possibly. With entrepreneurship, you do not know the outcome. You do not really know if it’s going to flourish or fail. You hope for it to flourish. You work hard so that it can flourish but you still have that small voice inside of you that will scare you the whole entire way. As time moves on, that voice won’t be as scary but it will still be there. You will always be scared that your moment of shine will never come. You will always be scared that when you do finally make it, will you drop back down to the beginning and have to start all over again. Truth is, you may have to stop and actually restart or regroup. That alone can scare some people away from entrepreneurship.

“When you’re passionate about it though, you will restart and regroup as many times as you have to until you see your dream flourishing like you’ve always imagined. You will be scared but it doesn’t mean you will be defeated.”


If you’re a new entrepreneur or thinking about it, my one piece of advice is to find something you know you will be passionate about because at the end of the day, your passion will overshadow any and all problems that will come with being an entrepreneur. Your passion will pull you through and keep you going when you just want to give up.

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