Men Tell All About The Women They’ve Hurt And If They Regretted It Or Not


By: Kindall D.

Wouldn’t you like to enter a man’s mind and find out if he enjoys hurting women or not? Well, a few men of AskMen on answer the question, “Have You Ever Used/Hurt A Woman And Later Regretted It?” Some of the answers will surprise you, some will prove to yourself that you were right about that guy that blew you off once before and some will just piss you off! Either way, knowing the thought process of a man is very necessary to know and understand so we, women, can know what to watch out for. The truth from men can be hurtful, but it’s important to listen up to what they have to say about women and relationships.

Reddit user Jerker1015 writes of the regret of letting some good ones get away stating,

“I was a dick to women in my teens/ early 20s. Let a few gems get away because I always thought the grass was greener.”

I know we’ve all felt like we were “the one that got away” at one point in our lives. Chances are, he is still somewhere regretting it.


Some men are really, only set out to get “one thing” from women. Reddit user, CuriousPlunger writes, “When working at a restaurant and the first time working with a certain co-worker she asked to see my phone, it was a new phone, didn’t think much of it. A day later I noticed she put her number in my phone.”

“I pretty much used her for blowjobs, she quickly began liking me a lot…”

CuriousPlunger continues,”Needless to say she got sick of me dicking her around and screwing her over and we went our ways. She was a cute girl with a high libido, and had a thing for me from day one.”

“I feel bad for not giving her a chance, but at that age all I cared about was getting laid by different women as much as possible.”


When asked to elaborate on his response and why he felt the need to sex as many women as possible he had this to say: “Seeing as it was a a thing when I was 18 and into my young 20’s, it was very much an ego thing. My older self would advise against it towards my younger self though. Now being in relationship for the past 6 years, I see how much better it is or has been for me at least. I think when I was doing that it also had something to do with having low self esteem and wanting to feel desirable.”

Some men are upfront about their intentions with women that seemingly agree with to the intentions.


Reddit user bitinginsects says, “I make my intentions clear and avoid any games. Especially in a relationship that I want to keep casual. Sometimes they will want more and I get called an asshole because I don’t want them back that way. I didn’t deceive [or] lead them on. I still [felt] bad if they’re upset but it’s not really weighing on my chest.” When challenged by another Reddit user that women will still sometimes get in their feelings, want a relationship when that was never a part of the plans and then end up just hurting themselves, bitinginsects responded with,

“Sometimes it’s inevitable. You can be as clear as ice but emotions get the best of people. For future reference, try to separate those kinds of relationships from those kinds of feelings.”


One other user was able to relate by stating, “I got out of a very bad relationship, and met a girl who just wanted to get drunk and hook up. After a few weeks I started sleeping with my ex again. My new friend was pretty hurt when things came around.”

Ladies, we indeed set ourselves up for the hurt sometimes. When a man tells you who he is, believe him.

Sex can also cloud judgement. Crazymusicman only wanted one of his girlfriends for fellatio. “Yeah, I had this one gf who I liked and started out things slow but then when we took off our pants she just worshipped my cock. Eventually, she started deep-throating me and I was just blown away by that and then felt like I just liked her for that and after a couple months, broke it off with her (face to face and such) because I told her I didn’t think I would love her. She was quite upset. She really liked me though, and looking back I feel like I just used her for the bjs.” He continues, “[ I ] talked to her later and she forgave me, but it took me a while to forgive myself even after she said that.”

Some men really do regret leaving us for another woman that’s seemingly better and will try to re-enter our lives.


“…I was better off before.”

Bugcitydreaming stated, “As someone else stated, the [grass is always greener] idea is usually regrettable. I thought I had found something better, better for myself and better for everyone else, though it ended up hurting someone, and not only did I feel bad shortly afterwards but I also started to regret the choices I made and wish I could go back in time after realizing I was better off before. Lesson learnt.”

Jewfro667 had this to say about a woman he stopped talking with all because he didn’t like how she looked naked and how he really just wanted sex to begin with, “It was the first girl I ever dated (not a serious relationship but a consistent hookup). I was 20 and really wanted sex. When I got sex after two months of dating, I slowly stopped responding to her texts. I just didn’t like how she looked naked. I never apologized to her because I never thought about what I did until I got out of my first serious relationship which I got into about 2 years later.”

Hanjobsolo1 doesn’t regret using a woman just for sex,

“In highschool I knew a girl liked me. I didn’t like her personality enough to date her and she wasn’t that attractive but definitely not ugly. I led her on, took her on a few dates. Ended up having sex a few times and then just stopped talking to her and started dating another girl that I liked more barely a month later.”

He continues on not regretting what he did blaming it on being just a young teenager stating, “I just used her to get some sex. Other people have done much worse. I dont feel bad at all. It was petty highschool shit. I wanted something and I got it.”

One Reddit user didn’t realize what he had all along and regrets it.


“I should have married her when I had the chance.”

8thWond3r states, “I used to mess around with this one girl who I thought was cute but nothing to show off. She was home schooled and never got out much. [I] Connected with her on Facebook recently, found out she is now a model going to medical school. [I] Looked at her younger pictures and realized she was just as hot when I knew her. I should have married her when I had the chance.”

I’ve definitely had those old HighSchool classmates hit me up in my inbox suddenly acting like they’ve always liked me.

Until the tables had turned on Reddit user Enternally65 he hadn’t realized what an asshole he was, “…I still regret it to this day. She loved me, I loved sex. She was a sweet woman, and I ended up hurting her. I didn’t realize what a jerk I was until the reverse happened to me.”

What goes around comes around.

Ladies, keep your standards high. Like Maya Angelou says, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”


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