It’s Time To Stop Sleeping With The One Who Won’t Commit


By: Isis Nezbeth

I know it’s good.

I know you feel like you’ve got it under control.

I get that; but it’s time to let it go. It may be just that one person who can call you anytime to creep into bed with you or it could be the multiple names you trust to get you right when necessary. Either way–it’s time to stop sleeping with the one who won’t commit. Here’s why.

You’re wasting valuable time.

​Ladies, time is one of the most precious things we a​re given from God. Once it’s wasted, there is nothing left. There is literally no way to get that back. The next time you feel like giving him another go, think about what else you could have done with that 30 minutes that wouldn’t have left you feeling undesired, less than, and mad as hell.

Even though it seems impossible, you CAN live without sex.

​If you’re anything like me​, I KNOW it seems impossible to live without sex–BUT WE CAN DO IT. When your soul is the expenditure, nothing is worth that price. Anything that deserves your energy or your emotion should be expensive. In other words, do NOT fuck the guy who’s cheap in energy. If he doesn’t feed your soul (and even more so) you don’t feed his soul… GET OUT NOW.

You’ll be proud to say no.

There is a certain level of pride that you will reach when you overcome the temptation of good dick. It seems hard–it seems impossible, even. Good dick is such a gift. I get that, too; however, the feeling you will get from choosing you over a quick nut will fill you with a sense of pride you have yet to feel.

You deserve better.


At the end of the day, YOU ARE EVERYTHING. You are a Queen. You are important. You are life, girl. You deserve the absolute best no matter what. And let me be very clear… sleeping with a guy who doesn’t want commitment from you is not what’s best for you.

You’ll start to feel genuinely happy instead of feeling temporarily happy.

After a while, that temporary “good sex” feeling you get from the nut he provides will fade. When you eliminate that from your life, you will experience a genuine type of happiness that comes from within. It’s critical that you find this type of happiness, ladies. It’s. fucking. critical. Don’t let a man who isn’t even willing to commit to you be responsible for your “happiness.”

You’ll cut soul ties that will allow you to meet the right person.

At the end of the day, cutting this dude off will allow you to meet the right person. It will allow that soul tie that he holds to be released. The happiness that you will begin to experience will allow a light to shine within you that only the right person will recognize. Trust in this. You deserve this and the minute you do away with the guy wasting your time and energy, you are that much closer to finding exactly what you deserve.


Isis Nezbeth is a freelance writer and currently publishes her own content on her blog site,

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