All Women Are Crazy Because…


We are not afraid to love hard. When we love, we organically love hard. We couldn’t “half ass” love even if we tried.

When we love someone, we work to understand them instead of giving them a judgemental title that doesn’t do them justice.

We think of you and your well-being 24/7. So yes, we will get a little bitchy if we feel you’re not paying us enough attention or if we feel you’re not even thinking of us.

We will show you that we’re thinking of you and not just keep it to ourselves.

We are in tune with our feelings. We will share our feelings regardless if you’re ready to receive them or not. We can’t internalize our feelings.

We are forgiving by nature. We forgive you for everything, even if you cheat on us. We take you back and soon began to love you just as hard as we did before.

Our love is unconditional.

We are patient. Patient enough to care for children and patient enough to care for you when you’re behaving like a child.

We will nag you when something is bothering us instead of just bottling it all in, cheating on you and then blaming you for the reasons why we cheated.

We are emotional. We are not afraid to cry. We have mastered how to be strong and still cry at the same damn time.

We talk. We actually say what’s on our mind when it strikes our mind.

We are not afraid to show you how we feel about you.

When we hurt, we talk about it. We talk about it to our friends that are just as “crazy” as us. We don’t cower away from the tough stuff. We heal and keep it going.

We have to deal with how the media says we should look. We have to worry about our weight, clothing, hair, eyebrows etc. We still get that shit done though and look good doing it. No one ever knows the struggle we go through to look like a woman.

Our moods will switch up on you but that’s only because our hormones adjust a few times a month to prepare for either creating a life or expelling a life that would have been.


We get periods; Without them, you wouldn’t be here. We go through two cycles a month. One where the egg prepares to drop and we become fertile and wet to conceive a child and if we don’t, two weeks later that un-used egg will shed causing us to bleed for several days. Yeah, we bleed out children that we never had…each and every month. We have to deal with cramps, bloating and cravings during that time too that can drive anyone mad.

We are nurturing by nature. We will nurture you even if we feel we’re not nurtured enough.

We are intuitive; So intuitive that we understand you without you having to say a word. We know you’re not likely to express who you are so we have to study you. We study your behaviors, characteristics, patterns etc. We try to read your minds and understand the things you don’t say.



What if we were just like you? What if we weren’t so crazy? You probably wouldn’t even love us the same.

Could you handle us if we behaved “sanely” just like you?

Would you feel our love to the same magnitude if we weren’t so crazy? Would you even understand how to feel? How to love?

Your mother can’t love and nurture you forever. Who else is crazy enough to love, understand and nurture a grown man?

We’re crazy enough to be who we are.

Oftentimes, people will call something “crazy” if they don’t quite understand it.

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