Truth Is, He Doesn’t Really Love You


By: Jennifer Harris

So many people love conditionally because they are not sure of themselves. So, depending on the condition he or she may be in is what is subjected to emanate.

He may love you right now because he is in need of it and he doesn’t have that love within himself; he can’t love himself because he doesn’t know how. So, he goes searching…inquest of looking for something only he thinks a woman can provide for him.

But her love isn’t enough for him. So he goes to the next one searching for the same thing and he’s not satisfied with the next woman either. He takes you, you, you, and her too; taking from all of you, leaving you empty and restless while giving nothing in return.

Your love is of convenience. His conditional love will not last simply because he loves you on a condition. Do you know how easy it is to give up with that type of love when there is always a “because” that follows behind the reasoning for his love for you? With that follows: what he receives from you; there are never talks about giving because he doesn’t intend to give anything except sex and lies. Everything is for his benefit, though it may seem like you’re getting something in return…you’re not.

When are you going to realize your worth? When will you realize that he’s the one that’s damaged goods and that you cannot fix him? When will you realize that’s its past due to walk away?

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  1. True, let him self-sabotage. You get up and move on.


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