About IBTG


I’ve Been That Girl was founded in April 2017 by Kindall D. It was created to be a relatable blog to inspire growth and healing in all women by keeping it real and raw about life, love and relationships.

Here, there is no room for judgement because we’ve all been that girl at least once in our lives. Most of the stories are by the founder herself, who overcame her past by owning her truths, becoming enlightened by them and growing in the process. The idea of this blog was inspired by her real and raw talks with herself and some close friends and family while she was going through her many challenging trials while on the path to discovering who she is.

By being open instead of internalizing her problems, she was able to come to terms with her truths that much easier, helping her to overcome some of her most heartbreaking and life altering situations.

She now pours all of her accepted truths into I’ve Been That Girl and encourages others to share their truths as well to make this a safe place for all women to come and relate and feel better about themselves in a world where your shamed for being human.